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Pokémon Climate Redux is in the works as a non-profit, fan-made game using climate change as a theme and educational focus. It is created using RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials, and takes place in the Morinet Region. A region heavily impacted by climate change and trying to find its way through cataclysmic environmental impacts.

Pokémon Climate Redux is themed around climate change and takes place in the Morinet Region (Morinet is a mashup of two Latin words, "moriens planetae," meaning "dying planet" which I thought was appropriate). The overall goal is educational; however, there’s nothing better than a solid adventure that brings some doom and gloom while being secretly educational. This region is divided into 3 subregions – coastal, continental, and oceanic. For this first segment, we’ll be looking at the coastal subregion which consists of a wide variety of coastal and wetland environments (fjords & mangrove swamps) and anomalies (tide islands & coastal dune lakes).

The Adventure

You find yourself coming of age in a world where the climate is running rampant on environmental, social, cultural, and economic cornerstones. Different climatic events are occurring all over the region, in large part due to dangerous practices implemented by rogue scientists, businessmen, and politicians known as the Noxin Society. During a small celebration in your town, a terrible climatic event occurs directly after a sighting of the Noxin Society was reported. As a new member of Professor Aero’s Regional Protectors, the Professor and their assistants have tasked you with bringing the Noxin Society to justice.

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